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The Original Boot Pocket – Brown

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There is nothing worse than picking out the perfect outfit for an event only to realize you have nowhere to put your ID, cash or credit card.  Have you ever been standing in the concession line and go to pay for your food and drink and your money has fallen to the bottom of your boot?

Men…are you sick of carrying your wife’s/girlfriends ID, cards and cash?  Are you sick of sitting on your uncomfortable wallet?

Introducing the Original Boot Pocket in Brown!!  This 100% handmade in the USA real leather product is the perfect way to safely store your ID, credit cards and cash.  It attaches to the lip of the boot to secure your belongings between your boot and your leg, so your items are also easily accessible.

3 reviews for The Original Boot Pocket – Brown

  1. Kirsten Reeves

    I have all the colors of Boot Pocket, because I just can’t get enough! But this one remains my first and favorite. It goes with every pair of boots I own, from cowboy to dressy! You can’t beat the convenience, quality, style OR price! I never leave the house on a night out without my favorite accessory! Thanks for an amazing product Boot Pocket, haven’t lost a card in over a year 🙌🏼😂

  2. Jennifer Robertson

    The Boot Pocket is something everyone should have! There have been Many times That I have gone out and didn’t have pockets or tiny pockets that my cards and money wouldn’t fit into and stay put. Once I saw the Boot Pocket, I knew I had to have it! The ability to not worry where my cards and money are, is priceless! I clip it to my boot and never worry. The magnet is strong and the slits your items go into are secure. I recommend this to everyone! Oh! And having different colors to choose from is amazing!

  3. Carey Young (verified owner)

    I work at an event center that has live bands, weddings, special events and we have a month long pumpkin festival every fall. I was always struggling with keeping up with my wallet while these very busy events took place. Our events are on farm land and is spread out so I’m always on the go and hardly ever in the same place. I came across BootPocket and it’s been a total life saver. After my order for the brown one was placed they expedited fulfillment and shipped within a few short days. I dont even think it was a whole week from order to delivery. When I opened my package it was wrapped beautifully and you could smell the real leather (which is amazing and not over powering). Upon inspection I admired the strong magnet that hugs to the side of the boot. It stays in place wonderfully and is just perfect for id, debt card and acouple bucks. You can also easily slip it in your back pocket or on your belt if you decide to go bootless. I’ve got so many compliments on it and highly recommend it to everyone and cant wait to order every color♡. Thank you for coming out with such an amazing product that helps us keep our stuff tucked away yet easily accessible while on the go!

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